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Your boat is a major investment. Proper care is essential in preserving the exposed surfaces and the value of your vessel. Boaters need to know how the sun, salt water and other elements can take their toll on fiberglass, gel coat, metal and vinyl.

Detailing seals and protects your gel coat, extending the life of your vessel. Metal surfaces must be polished, removing corrosion and inhibiting future damage. Isinglass needs regular polishing and sealing to maintain clarity and prevent yellowing and clouding.

Detailing specialists can service one truck or a complete fleet. From an exterior wash package to complete restoration package, or a custom built package to suit your needs, we do it all.

Our principle goal at McCarty’s Auto Detailing is to restore and preserve the finish of your car, we thought you should know there is more to detailing than a sponge and a bucket. There is a need for some understanding of the basic chemistry behind the materials and finishes used for automobiles to properly care for them. No two cars, or their owners for that matter, are alike. And both require that their special needs be met.

Cleaning a holding tank is not a fun job, but it’s not an overly difficult one either. You can flush your black water holding tank to remove solid waste and buildup from toilets, sinks and showers. Failure to routinely flush the holding tank inside your RV can leave the water inside brown and smelly. Flush the holding tank with water softener to rid it of waste and create a smoother holding tank. When done regularly, gunk will wash away more easily, without sticking.As opposed to scrubbing an exterior surface by hand, power (or pressure) washing is a faster, more effective way to clean. Cleansers treat the surface for the typical contaminants like dirt, grime, algae, mold, and mildew. Afterward, a safe yet appropriate amount of pressure is used to rinse everything away. Pressure should never be the sole method of lifting buildup from stubborn areas. A soft bristle brush should be used if there are any spots that won’t come up.


  • Hand Washing
  • Interior cleaning – carpets, vacuuming,  stain removal, windows, dash, etc.
  • Bug Removal
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Semi Detailing
  • Boat Detailing
  • Auto Detailing
  • Powerwashing


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